Novation bass station ii

Just picked up a used one for a good price. Any other users here?


  • i bought one off ebay last year for 185 quid. it was described as tested, in full working order and in excellent condition.
    i got it out the box and noticed that the filter knob was missing, then 2 slider caps. after playing it for awhile i noticed that the modulation knob looked like it had been snacked on by a rodent and the acid filter was blown.
    couldn't believe they thought they'd have a successful transaction.
    so before i packed it up to send back, i found a cotton thread bobbin to replace the missing filter knob for the seller. it looked really classy. lol
    imo the best synth of the 3 monos i've had (bs2, monologue, neutron) i really liked it

  • @SheffieldBleep said:
    Just picked up a used one for a good price. Any other users here?

    Yes, love it, a versatile mono - duo, with the latest fw update.

  • Apparently there’s a new firmware update part designed by Aphex. Will probably hang on to it until that’s out. Liking it but I’m not sure all the analogue hype is justified. iOS synths sound just as classy to my ears and more effects and mangling fun

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    Got it, love it. Especially since the 2.5 firmware can do a lot.
    A lot of fun with Digitakt

  • It can also be used as a MIDI controller and it has a lot of knobs. I definitely like the sounds it can create. If it doesn’t sound any better to you than your iOS apps, you might be better off returning or selling it as you can buy a lot of iOS apps for the same price.

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