PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Scythe Synthesizer by Bitmask Studio Ltd. Is free right now



  • @espiegel123 said:

    @palm said:
    appreciation is a two way street..

    Maybe they were bummed that it wasn't as big a money maker as they'd anticipated. I didn't jump on it originally because it seemed like yet another standalone synth in a world of Auv3's. And as far as I recall, you can't load your own tables.

    If only it was Auv3 and you could load your own wavetables.. I imagine it would have done much better. Who knows..

    You can create your own wavetables and create wavetables by importing sounds.

    Since even the most popular music creation apps don't generate a lot of revenue, I think one needs to be personally pretty driven to create the tools and derive satisfaction from either the process of creation or from their use -- and have a pretty thick skin. Even the best apps generate a fair amount of critical feedback.

    My sense is that the dev had lost his enthusiasm and was more interested in other programming domains.

    It is a shame. While it has room for improvement (particularly the ability to share presets and wavetables), it has a pretty cool and unique vibe.

    It is interesting how quickly he went from seeming interested in moving it forward to closing up shop.

    ah ok, thanks for the correction.

    all the more reason why it might have enjoyed quite a bit more success if it ever made it to Auv3.. There are a handful of heavy hitters that are standalone only, yet weirdly no Auv3's I'm aware of.

    I agree it's a great sounding synth, but standalones have been gathering dust in my own world (as with some others here from what I gather).

    I totally get that it's probably really tough out there especially for an independent developer.
    I find it refreshing when developers drop in here and ask questions about what sorts of features and tools people want as they're developing a thing, rather than releasing something and then seeing what happens.

    I wish they wouldn't have given up. I'd pay good money for a an Auv3 that can replace my blofeld.

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