External Hard Drive or Stick to backup Soundbanks & AB Projects

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Hi @ all,

I want to buy an external Wifi Hard Drive or USB Stick with lightning to backup the Soundbanks from my Synthapps. Also I want to backup my AB and AUM Projekts on this drive. Actually I do this with my Laptop with iFunbox but I want to do the backups direkt with the iPad and without a PC. Do you have any recommendation for a good Wifi Hard Drive or for a good Stick with lightning, that will working proper for my backups?

Thank, Lycaan


  • This can become a tricky and/or tedious task. In IOS each app is sandboxed, so there's no general overview of a 'filesystem' like on desktop.
    Which means you have to backup from each app, but each app has to provide the feature of exporting it's soundbanks/data from it's private storage area.

    IFunbox is a fairly convenient approach.
    I have a Synology NAS with it's own local cloud and their app allows to mark 'public' storage like Audioshare's pool to be automatically synced to the network drive, but I'm not shure this even works with internal data of synth apps. You don't have access to their sandbox content.

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