ATOM - Piano Roll

This thread is for adding tips/tricks/video links for ATOM - Piano Roll MIDI AU from @blueveek

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  • The Audioveek home site is:

    Overview video:

    A number of additional tutorial videos for Atom have been posted on the Audioveek YouTube channel:

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    Here's a few quick tips...

    1 - add some human jitter

    You can slightly humanise your patterns by quantising 'note starts' about 6-10% over a 1/8th triplet quantize grid.

    It's not as good as proper shuffle, but it adds a little human jitter to your rhythms and melodies.

    Adjust according to taste.

    2 - use scissors to tidy your chord ends

    If you have chords with uneven ends, you can use hold and vertical swipe with the scissors tool to trim them to a neat uniform length

    3 - use the lowest (or highest) note on your midi keyboard as a rest marker in step input mode

    If you’re bummed that the awesome Step Input mode doesn’t allow rest notes (at least, not yet) then I suggest you use a note at the extreme end of your midi keyboard for this purpose, such as C-0 or C-6 (ie any key that won’t be appearing in your actual sequence).
    Use this key as your rest markers, and then manually delete these notes after entering your sequence. Tip - you can select all these ‘fake rest notes’ by holding the corresponding on-screen piano key to select the entire row, then press delete.

    Check back for more soon...

  • Trouble shooting - workaround

    If your notes are truncated turn OFF Snap to grid

  • If you turn off note playback from piano on the left (speaker icon), you can scroll by sliding over the piano keyboard area.

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