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Buchla ID700 dropped on iOS (Jonathan Schatz, modosc designs)



  • wimwim
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    Nothing in the app description that says what connectivity it has...
    IAA? Audiobus? AUv3?

    [edit - website says AUv3 and IAA] B)

  • Damn, and here I thought Atom Piano Roll 2 had the record for the longest thread timeline before actual release! 😉

  • Oh... How did I miss this?

    Mosdef pre-ordering. This is right up my alley. 👌🏻

  • @SNystrom said:
    Damn, and here I thought Atom Piano Roll 2 had the record for the longest thread timeline before actual release! 😉

    Drambo has to be the longest?

  • Wow it seems that the dev put a lot of work into revamping the UI from the original screenshots

  • I have enough synths...

    sees Buchla 700

    Nope not enough...

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    No brainer as in my brain only caught up with proceedings after I had already pre-ordered.

  • AU? Buchla AU? Hell yeah! 🤘

  • Jimmy Jam this looks tasty! 👅

  • Been hoping iOS would get more west coast love. Right up my alley!
    Decent looking interface too—bit of an absynth vibe going.

  • West Coast In The House!!!!!

  • Damn it. Sucked in again.

  • Why? Just when I was thinking days ago about not getting more synths comes this. West Coast is my favorite

  • This is a nice surprise! Just when you thought it wouldn’t happen anymore, bam!

  • wimwim
    edited April 2021

    This may be the first court test of my "I have way more than enough synths" embargo. The lawyers are claiming that there's a loophole for synths that are unique enough to qualify as "one of a kind" or of "exceptional historic and/or educational significance". Arbitration is in process...

  • Well the is great news

  • Pre-ordered. First new app purchase in a long time.

  • Well damn I didn’t know it was Christmas!

  • Did i miss a link to a demo?

  • @ExAsperis99 said:
    Did i miss a link to a demo?

    I did a YT search and can only conclude extreme nostalgia for.... something I never experienced.

  • This> @echoopera said:

    West Coast In The House!!!!!

    ID700 is awesome. I highly recommend it and it is worth knowing that the synth it is modeled after is NOT a “west coast” style Buchla as most people think of it. It doesn’t have the complex oscillator/wavefolder/lpg architecture people associate with Buchla. It is inspired by the Buchla 700 which was a computer-controlled synth with digital oscillators and a very different architecture from the Easel and 200 series synths.

    There were only something like 20 ever made, and Buchla kind of abandoned it.

    It is a unique and interesting synth.

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    Ok, don’t know what other production may be at play but this I like.

  • I was really trying not to buy another synth but this one is too good to pass up

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    @AudioGus said:


    You solved the mystery for me because I kept looking for the wave folder control on ID700 😂

    There are some wave folders in the App Store already: Ripplemaker and WaveFolder.

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    They were only mucking about with an hour and I imagine probably didnt have finely crafted presets. Sounds creepy here..

    In December 2012 I was visiting a friend in Vancouver, BC and he showed me his working example of the legendary Buchla 700 analog / digital hybrid synthesiser. This highly advanced synthesiser was developed and produced in the mid 1980s by Californian electronic instrument pioneer Don Buchla, using proprietory hardware and software components. Only six of these machines were ever produced, and this is possibly the only working example left in existance. My friend showed me some of its sound producing capabilities and then left me to explore for myself. Presented here are the results of the hour or so that I had alone with this machine

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    demo something or other on

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    “The "Group Motion Performance" is a live recording with the dance company made on the Buchla Music Easel and the Buchla 700 series”

    “ "Generator" was performed and recorded at the Generator Sound Art Gallery, NYC, with the same instrument set-up. Apparently, these are the only known recordings using the Buchla 700 synthesizer to be formally released,”

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