Loopy/AUM/AB3 - Great Looping Setup

For those that love AUM and want a multitrack looping setup, the combination of AUM, Loopy (and/or Loopy HD) and Audiobus 3 are a potent combination. While some people balk at a non-AU solution, this combination has a lot to offer and (especially if you are working with multiple co-ordinated loops and want to automatically move from recording one loop to the next) has some advantages over using AU solutions.

The following thread has step-by-step instructions:


  • Loopy is one of the most stable and feature-rich apps out there.
  • Up to 12 loops
  • sophisticated (yet easy to set-up) MIDI control of all looping for those that want MIDI control
  • easy access (via the AB3 palette) of the loop multiples

You can also do this with just AB3 and Loopy HD -- I mention AUM because it is a (deservedly) much loved environment into which this can be incorporated.


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