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Auria Pro, Tips and Tricks

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There's a lot of new stuff so I thought it might be good to have a dedicated thread for some of the new workflows:

1) Be aware of your buffer size

Previously the buffer size was set to 4096 when mixing, which allowed for many plugins to run. With the addition of MIDI tracks the default buffer size has been reduced to 512 to allow for acceptable MIDI playback, so if you are using MIDI tracks you won't be able to run as many plugins as before.

However if you separate the recording phase from the mixing phase, and freeze the MIDI to audio (you can use the new "Bounce Track in Place" option in the Process menu) you can then increase the buffer size at the mix stage.

2) You can chain AUX effects with busses

If you have an empty track you can set it's input from any of the AUX channels (there are 6 of them now), and any effects you add on that track can be dialed in to all the other tracks via the AUX send.

The great thing about this is that you can for example EQ you reverb send separately from the main signal. If your reverb is too bright for example, simply put an EQ after it in the chain.

Just be aware of one potential catch: if you put an effect on the AUX send itself, that will be blended with any busses in parallel - so if you want the chain to be in series leave the AUX slot on the master strip empty, and use a channel with the AUX as an input.


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    I’m assuming this refers to the Auria Pro? These sorts of issues are similar to those of other DAW type apps too with their own peculiar ways and limitations for handling them.

  • TIP: Auria Pro’s manual is a must-read if you use the app.

    Auria Pro has an undeserved reputation for being difficult to use and having limited MIDI functionality. Much of this reputation is the result of it having a few quirky but easily learnable conventions. The manual takes about 20-30 minutes to read and provides a clear explanation of these conventions. That is time that will repay one immensely. As it has very powerful MIDI and audio editing capabilities not shared by other iOS DAWs.

  • @espiegel123 ... this is exactly the thing!

  • I recently limited myself to having just this one DAW on my iPad to finally learn it properly and starting to see how many hidden features it has and I’m enjoying the workflow which is key for me. After recently switching to Logic Pro X on my MBP from Ableton I can see the similarities using Auria Pro.

    My main dislike is trawling through the lists of AU and IAA apps I have to find the one I want to use. I wish iOS would let us add a favourites list at least in any DAW now there are that many music apps out there.

    Apart from that I’m enjoying the Auria experience.

  • Hey, I did not post this thread @Michael how the heck did this happen. I’m a Cubasis guy!

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Hey, I did not post this thread @Michael how the heck did this happen. I’m a Cubasis guy!

    I seem to remember this has happened before to you – does that ring a bell for you too? I’m wondering perhaps if some weird database mishap has misallocated those messages to your account

  • Yes, @Michael, I remember it did happen once before but my avatar was not in the OP as it is here. No big deal, just of interest.

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