Amplifind wont show my Spotify playlists anymore

Just recently my amplifind just reveal “songs from spotify”. And it seems like theres some kind of cache issue and it only shows song I’ve previously added. And its not possible to show the spotify playlists anymore. Is that some kind of change in the spotify API or what?

Is there any alternatives to amplifind if you just wanna rip part of a song?


  • Have reported to the developer.

  • @gusgranite said:
    Have reported to the developer.

    Ok! I just did that too.

  • No matter which issues caused by it, such as cache files, Spotify API, etc. the ultimate way to fix this issue is to use AudFree Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify playlists offline and convert them to common audio files and then you will own the local files instead of cache files and don't be interrupted by Spotify API anymore. And then you can add Spotify music to Amplifind for playing your music and playlists easily.

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