PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Messin’ With Monk / MicSwap Pro Saves The Day

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Well, here is another jazz goround. I had a damn time making this improvisation sound right.... two things happened. 1/ I adjusted the EQ with the Ravenscroft275 piano equalizer, lifting the mids and bass and cutting the highs. 2/ I really couldn’t get the feel of the fifties recordings, like the famous Dial recordings of Charlie Parker. MicSwap Pro! @garygary, the MS77 was just the thing I was looking for. Jeez, I love that app.

You can hear two pianos, the RC275 and Kawai Shigeru. IFretless bass in a standard acoustic mode. SoftDrummer ( I am getting the editing now. Even more in awe of what Luis did). Three different brasses. Heavy Brass solo trumpet, iSymph Octave Brass, Micrologue Brass section. And BeatHawk Baroque Classical Guitar. And again, MicSwap Pro in the send buss.


  • Wow. MicSwap Pro really sets the instruments into a simulated recording room. It definitely has a "recorded live" sound. The Monk melodic lines are perfectly recreated. You even restrain your playing style to match Monk's spare approach with the melodic hammer at times. Nice creation and impossible to predict this could be possible when the Monk walked in Brooklyn.

  • This is super cool. Great job @LinearLineman! Mind if I share it on Twitter?

  • No problem with that @garygary. As long as I have your attention, I believe I will use MicSwap as an overall send effect for my final mixes now. It is still hard to wrap my head around the subtle differences of the many mics. And adding in the many environments, the permutations are a bit, well, daunting. I guess I will find my favorites, but my music takes many forms so different setups are desirable. I am not sure how you might help with this other than some presets that combine mics and environments for specific qualities, but that would help, I think. Certainly the descriptions of the environments. And the gain control is really difficult! Your finger covers it, there is no readout and the movements are hard to judge. And it is pretty hot so I am alwalys adjusting downward. One last thing, my poor eyes didn’t discover the return to source in the upper right for inapp use. It could be more noticeable for the first time user, also, the gain sure would be helpful if it appeared in the AU. Whew!

    But please, don’t let those peccadilloes obfuscate my genuine, but somewhat ineffable, delight in having MicSwap Pro within reach every track. The effects can be subtle yet important. The mics and environments have a lot of subtle qualities that are hard to describe, but they are way effective, I think.

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