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Looking For An Audio App Developer

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My name is Tobi and this is my first post here.

I am working for a little startup in Zurich and we created a portable sensor which transforms movement into sound in real-time. Various activities can therefore be enriched by either real or artificial, interactive sound patterns. Basically you can play virtual instruments and change tones and play notes through movements (imagine the sensors are fixed to your wrists).

We are currently looking for an audio app developer and I was told that this forum might be the right place to search for a freelancer who would like to work with us.

Our requirements:

  • broad knowledge in C# programming
  • you are familiar with Java, Objective-C, Swift and HTML5.
  • ideally you are experienced in the programming of mobile music apps
  • you should be familiar in working with iOS and/or android
  • you have already worked with popular music frameworks such as Audiokit
    and you may know Juce or HISE

Please feel free to contact us via info(at)

Thank you so much!



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