First song after a few months of break

So after a few months of break I finally put something together. I've watched Titanic a few days/weeks ago and this song idea came to my mind. I used mostly Tracktion and some free vsts and also ThumbJam and Cubasis. Feel free to comment, any advice is welcome :)


  • Hi @asia. Nice to hear this. I loved the early string parts. If it were my track I would substitute a less atmospheric piano sound in the beginning. However, when you brought in the same piano at 3:00 it was super effective! In the beginning, for me, the contrast between the bassy cloud of piano didn't meld with the strings and then flutes. I do like the idea of the off sounding piano at the start and continuing, just without the fuzzy stuff suffusing it. Good track!

  • That was a good start the morning listening piece for me. Very evocative of loss and remembrance. Clean and effective choices of notes, sounds and effects to capture a feeling.

  • Thanks so much for your opinions! :)

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