PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

USB c MIDI keyboard for iPad Pro 2018?

Is there a compact MIDI keyboard that you can just plug in into usb c port of an iPad Pro 2018?


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    Any will do. The beauty of the 2018 iPad Pro is that it finally has a standard USB port. all you should need is the correct cable (from MIDI keyboard to USB-C).
    Any standard MIDI keyboard should work with these options below.

    Either this:

    Connected to this:


    Or else this:

  • I wanted the one that could work on its own without all this stuff.
    But also thinking about audio... (OT: why Roland boutique series have no iOS support is beyond ridiculous :smile: )
    So please share your least expensive minimalistic setups that actually work with newer usb c iPads , please.
    With links and prices, if possible.
    I tried to find a small usb c splitter , but even that seems to be a problem here in Russia.
    Add usual iOS compatibility issues to this, shipping costs, postal and customs problems , and the choice becomes far from trivial in this part of the world. So I would like to see a few already working options.

  • @vov said:
    I wanted the one that could work on its own without all this stuff.

    @Hmtx ‘s third option is literally just a cable! If you don’t want that, then try Bluetooth.

    The Arturia Keystep works great with a USB-C to micro USB cable.

    But you might not want to do that anyway. If you connect the two together directly, then there’s no way to power the iPad, not to connect it to speakers. You’re much better off with a small USB-C hub.

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    Thank you. But what usb hubs are cheap and compatible?
    I would be happy with a small usb c cable with a “plug” on one side and two “outlets” on the other as I already have dac for my headphones, but apple doesn’t make them and there’s no 3rd party splitters like that sold here in Russia, and I’m afraid to order them.
    That’s why I’m asking for examples of working usb-c setups, hubs + keyboards that is.

  • Roli's Seaboard Block uses USB-C. The Joue also has USB-C - but I'm not sure it works without their adapter which is a USB-C to Din/Power. The OP-Z is USB-C. Or there's some interface options like the M Audio M-Track 2x2M, which also has a pair of Din ports.

  • Ok, please could someone give me examples of the setups you have actually used with USB-C iPads. Possibly budget ones : hubs and midi keyboards.

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    @vov said:
    Ok, please could someone give me examples of the setups you have actually used with USB-C iPads. Possibly budget ones : hubs and midi keyboards.

    I have a VAVA VA-UC006 PD, and 2 random ones, they all work the same so far. Started having issues recently out of nowhere, and I'm pretty sure its ipad/ios fault, randomly a hub either will not charge w power going through it, resets ipad randomly, or it randomly decides it doesnt like a random midi controller and decides to make it have a lil midi LED seizure. I usually have an audio interface and at least 5 midi controllers plugged in through hub, and my audio interface has 3x extra usb ports that work through the ipad when interface is connected. This issue seems to be completely random, and switching from one hub to the other immediately fixes the issue, I cant explain it because it makes no sense, I can swap hubs and everythings fine, but even if I try to swap again right after just to see if the other hub works it wont work until the one thats plugged in gives me problems. Im sorry, but this makes no sense lol. I've basically given up on iOS for now and am using Ableton 10 again because of this and other issues that I shouldn't have to deal with with an apple product, its literally become as much of a pain as windows, surprisingly no problem w anything audio related in windows for years now. I've tried to narrow this down to figure out whats causing it, but it happens ONLY when power is plugged in to either hub. Sometimes I have no problem for a week, then set everything up to record or whatever and it decides to sh1t the bed. It's specifically related to power being plugged in through hub, everything ALWAYS works w no power through, no matter what else is plugged in.
    There is not much info on type c hubs and 3rd gen pros, its all questions. VAVA was one of the most highly recommended hub on multiple sites, but yet gives me issues. This is the first time that I'm left completely stumped after weeks of trying to isolate something I'm doing to be the cause. Hard resets do nothing, running no apps does nothing, plugging things in in dif order does nothing.
    So, your guess is as good as anyones.
    If you just need one controller that kind of does it all and is great for carrying around and want to avoid hub issues, get a Korg NanoKey Studio, flawless, feels cheap, works great for what it is.

  • Thank you. Now, does anybody know a cheap usb-c hub that passes audio through to its usb-c out. I already have an apple usb-c dac and I want to use it.

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