GEORGIA / BH Guitar Shimmered

edited March 18 in Creations

The Carmichael classic. Again, a piano track transmogrified into classical guitar with a dose of Shimmer. BeatHawk is superb, IMO. It offers a lot of control over the instruments, ADSR, effects, etc. as opposed to say iSymphonic which offers very little but velocity, reverb and tuning. Both great, but BeatHawk is much more flexible. I also used MicSwap for the first time as an effect... very effective!


  • @LinearLineman What a great track, does Micswap Pro provide that space, concert Hall effect its very effective ?

  • Hi @Jumpercollins, MicSwap added character to the string/soprano track, but the soundstage I believe is the result of the Shimmer fx app applied to the main guitar track. Well worth the $7. Thanks for listening and liking!

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