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What's the best vocoder App?

Hi All

I'm looking for a vocoder app. ivoxel looks good and is 50% off at the moment, but is it worth spending a little more to get Voice Synth? I'd be interested to know what people have been using and their experience of them.



  • For my taste, iVoxel sounds noticeable better than Voice Synth. Beside this, the included sequencer is extremely useful.

  • Virsyn iVoxel….yes

  • I only have ivoxel and it is excellent.

  • Sounds like ivoxel it is then! Thanks :-)

  • Caustic is definitely on my wish list but I'm going to wait for AB support ... (just in case)

  • Voice synth offers quite a lot. Certainly there are enough YouTube videos out there to help you make the right choice.

  • I have iVoxel and Voice Synth and am happy w/ both of them.

  • @dj8 said:

    I have iVoxel and Voice Synth and am happy w/ both of them.

    That'll help him choose... Lol.

  • That'll help him choose... Lol.

    Anything to help out :-) I was working on some other stuff and read his post too quickly LOL

    If I had to choose between the two, w the 50% sale (not having checked how the prices compare after that), I would go w iVoxel....

  • I'll have to be the lone contrarian here and stump for Voice Synth. I don't really like how iVoxel dedicates its presets to words (I find it a bit limiting). If they really want to go this route, I wish they'd just throw in every English syllable.

    Also, hasn't been mentioned here, but Turnado has a cool vocoder.

  • @calcutta, you're not alone. I actually prefer the sound of Voice synth too.

  • I downloaded the free version of Voice Synth but it seems to be a very stripped down version compared to what the full version can do. It does look like the free version with IAPs is actually cheaper than the full version though. I'll probably end up with them both anyway! :-)

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