AU instruments and DAW CPU differences

Hello to you all.hope you are all doing well.
I got a quick question..
Does the consumption of CPU and memory of Au instruments vary Depending on the DAW ?
I’m on iPad Pro 10.5 and a heavy Cubasis User.I’ve been playing around with some apps recently.
The main au apps I love are LayR, Model 15, AudioLayer and BeatHawk.
I noticed that in Cubasis, when I use these apps, sometimes just 2 tracks, the DAW starts to stutter.
I tried using one midi file with 2 LayR tracks and made a comparison in Cubasis ( medium/max buffer) and Stagelight (512 buffer).
I noticed that Cubasis would stutter when I try to move the mixer faders or even when I try to add notes to the midi.
But Stagelight on the other hand, did a pretty good stutter, everything very smooth.
I also tried using BeatHawk and had the same results.this time i set Stagelights buffer to 128 and Cubasis Medium/max.
Is there something I’m missing in Cubasis settings?
Here is the test I made.Cubasis on medium buffer and Stagelight on 512. Then I also set Stagelight to 128 and still smoother than Cubasis.


  • Maybe @LFS can shed some light on what the actual buffer sizes that Cubasis uses are?
    Low, Medium & Normal, is that like 64, 128 & 256 or what!?

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