PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

New track - Horns of Enso

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This is my new track Horns of Enso.

Saxophone looping improvisation using new Enso looper, Ruismaker Noir modulated by Rozeta LFO, various effects including real-time pitch shifter, Audiobus and AUM for recording.

I’ve used BlueBoard for pitch shifter presets triggering and Enso record/overdub control. I’ve also used rec reverse and rec speed with fingers, waiting to rewrite my MidiFire script for Enso needs and better pedalboard control. Rec speed stuff starts at 5.54.

Made with iPhone 7 Plus.

Nice new AUV3 looper, I dig it!!!!


  • Excellent. That’s given me some ideas...

  • Good groove love the title !

  • That was freakin’ great!
    Love the time/pitch shift stuff you are doing with record speed.
    Dude, that Sax...
    so good.

  • Cool stuff!

  • I think this will give the "Live Performers" a good taste of what this little gem adds to AB3 and AUM.
    In AUM I had 2 of them open on the same screen and that I could lay down one loop and use the second instance to build layers over the initial loop and clean them out and build another stack. I suspect you could have 4 or more of them and just turn down a loop and maybe bring it back later to create that
    recognition event for the listener.

    But I'll bet you wish you had more bluetooth connected "buttons". I need to connect an Expression pedal to my BlueBoard and see if I can connect it to something useful... maybe the volume slide on the second Enso track?

    Thanks fro slipping me a clue on the pitch shifter because I was wondering where the second sax sound came from and your added it with a pedal push so no need to touch anything. I wondered if you where doing that Rahsaan Roland Kirk 2-saxophone at once trick for a moment.

    It's always great to hear your rich Tenor tones. Enso is a really clean little engine like a good looper should be. I like the fact that Enso Presets get restored along with remade loops too.

    Knowing where "one" is w.r.t. BPM is critical to get the start/stop of preset loops so always having a drum track for reference seems like the way to do that versus turning on the AUM Metronome which is what I started with to learn Enso. Trying the Trigger button to a bluetooth pedal makes it act like a traditional basic looping pedal.

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    Like an army of bees on the attack... Love it. Brillianr use of Enso and your magnificent Sax skills

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    @MonzoPro @Jumpercollins @espiegel123 @CracklePot @MonkeyDrummer @McD @Metalman thanks you all for your kind comments!! :)

    This track was great fun to do and Enso leads easily to this kind of experimentation, very inspiring, it’s kind of improvised sound design. Rec reverse and rec speed are really interesting, I’ve now to go deeper in sectors while looping live.

    I think Enso could be a nice alternative to Loopy for a full AUV3 looper setup, works really well with Audiobus. I was able BTW to use 128 buffers latency without any clicks, have to try with several Enso instances.

  • @lukesleepwalker said:
    Love this.

    Glad you love it!!

  • Ça envoie du lourd ! Enso rajoute quelques couleurs a une palette déjà bien étoffée. Bravo !

  • @JanKun merci, Enso invite vraiment à boucler sous forme de textures évolutives.

    @MrSmileZ @skiphunt thanks you!!

  • So very cool.

  • Cannot beat that Sax! Drone me in a sea of reeds!

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    @aplourde said:
    So very cool.


    @LinearLineman said:
    Drone me in a sea of reeds!

    Nice alternative title :) :D

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