Zeeon - Audioshare - Not showing up in List for Sampling

When I click the mic in the lower left corner in Audioshare and then again to generate a list of apps from which I can sample from into Audioshare, my list stops at the letter Y, with Yonac apps, and Zeeon isn't showing up. Anyone else?


  • AudioShare doesn't support recording AUv3's or to put it the other way around Zeeon doesn't include an IAA-Generator as It's primarily meant to be used as an AUv3...

  • Those are FX slots, I believe. Are you seeing any synths at all? Should be all your delays and reverbs, etc.

  • AudioShare only allows the user to select a hardware input (with limited options when used with devices that support multiple inputs) or IAA-Generators/Instruments as the recording source.

    AUM records directly into the same storage-space as AudioShare so that might be an option as well?

  • whats wrong with using aum?

  • @sysexual said:
    whats wrong with using aum?

    ‎18,99 $ :tongue: Not everyone has AUM, AB3 or other hosts :wink:

    @Breezee try with GarageBand instead

  • 18.99 is a true bargain for such a smart and versatile app - it's one of the IOS essentials ;)

  • I did it in AUM, no worries. I just thought Zeeon would show up there to sample directly.

  • Thanks for the tipp - hosting Zeeon in apeMatrix and choosing the apeMatrix IAA instrument audio output as a recording source in AudioShare works just as well :smiley:

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