Shows how often I use it, but when did dropbox become limited to 3 devices?

It seems I need to unlink 17 devices before I can use the Dropbox app!

How pants is that?


  • Oh well it wasn’t that long ago then. Still sux.

    Amazing how many phones and tablets you accumulate over the years.

  • Bummer!

    On the other hand, I always felt free Dropbox seemed way too good to be true. And you know what they say about things that seem too good to be true.

    It was good while it lasted. I think I can get by with three devices though, as long as I can still get to my files through the web.

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    I was worried at first, but looks like the subscription is how you snag the unlimited devices feature. I've used up my 2gb limit more than 10 times over as it stands with all the audio files (samples, stems, unmastered versions, variations, etc) I've accrued over the years. I go for the $19.99/month Pro subscription since I use Dropbox all the time, but there's also the $9.99/month tier as well that gets you 1TB storage and unlimited devices (which is what I've used since 2010 up until recently when they added an extra TB for an extra $10/month). :) This may not be what everybody wants to hear, but it's another solution besides disengaging all of your devices.

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    I just wipe it right after I copy anything. The three device limit is lame though... I want at least two ipads, laptop and desktop.

    I may get one of these wireless filehub thingies one day since I only ever really use dropbox at home...

  • I always wondered why users were asking for dropbox integration when there are much better non-proprietary solutions (like WebDAV, even used by Apple's own apps as an iCloud alternative) available.

    I never found much use of these wired or wireless file hubs because you won't be able to use them from your app of choice anyway. Only their proprietary app can access the files, and it usually does not even support all file formats for previewing.

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