Does the brilliant (now free) 'Amp One' amp sim work on iPad Pro?

iOS app 'Amp One' is brilliant (really, best sim ever) but kinda abandonware.

I need a new iPad but the devs cannot tell me if it will work on an iPad Pro, & so I'm in a dilemma what to buy: I use Amp One at least two hours every day so need it to work on new tablet.
(ie. will buy an iPad Pro if 'Amp One' works on it, else just a standard iPad)

Is anyone using 'Amp One' on an iPad Pro?

Or would anyone be willing to download it, run it in Audiobus & see if it seems to be working?
I believe it is still free, having been dropped to free after not being updated for a few years.

It does sound brilliant - the devs do expensive sims for other platforms but seem to have maybe lost their iOS dev or are making more money putting effort into other platforms.

Sincere thanks,
Rob Fawcett


  • It works on my ipad pro 12.9 2017,ios12.1.4.

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    Working fine on a first gen 9.7” Pro, latest iOS.

    Hadn’t heard of it before so thanks for alerting me to (yet another) sim. Will have a proper play later when I won’t get kicked out the house ...

    Good to have alternatives to the usual crew (Bias, ToneStack, etc).

  • @flo26 said:
    It works on my ipad pro 12.9 2017,ios12.1.4.

    Fantastic, thank you :-)

    LOL, that's gonna cost me another £500 now I think about it, but sincerely THANKS ;-)

  • I have in mind to buy an 11" iPad Pro, so if anyone has it working on the 11 inch, or would be willing to try, I'd still be very grateful for the confirmation that it works...

  • iPad Pro 10.5 here. It’s working fine.

  • @ecou said:
    iPad Pro 10.5 here. It’s working fine.

    Yay - looking good thank you :-)

  • I had to grab this to try it out.
    Looks very promising.
    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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