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‘Round 3 AM / Where’s T. Sphere Monk?

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A brief and nostalgic take on a jazz masterpiece.


  • Nice open, restrained take on the Monk classic. I think I'll check this one out for my guitar "learning to read music notation" practice.

    The "Django" melody worked perfectly in the 1st position to help master F natural minor with 4 Flats.

    Nice. 'Round Midnight is in Eb minor with 6 flats and a some naturals and even sharps thrown in to make me learn the damn fretboard. Lots of arpeggiated chords to help me start that muscle memory inventory.

    Keep reworking the classics. It gives my analytical mind something to hang your choices on (or to hand them with sometimes).

    Today I'm going to use some @LinearLineman wisdom and seek to use just enough pressure (effort, muscular exertion) to make the notes sound with the left hand and see if I can start to feel less deep tissue damage on my finger tips. I feel into the habit of use vibrato too often and I have this death grip on the neck and I need to undo the muscle memory of ripping blues tone out of the guitar. It really slows me down and wears me out faster.

  • Thanks @McD. It was unplanned, of course. Actually, the unplanned opening phrase is a direct rip off of the opening theme in Jeremy Brett’s fantastic Sherlock Holmes’ series. The minor tonality and rhythmic pattern must have triggered the Monk tune subconsciously and so it got expressed. Check it out on YouTube if you are not familiar... and watch an episode. He is the best Holmes, IMO. Brett May have even given his life for it,

    Great to hear about your real life guitar adventure! Keep on keeping on!

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