Turnado - Does it still work in Audiobus3?

Well, it's now an AUv3 but they say they've dropped IAA and Audiobus support. Sorry, but I'm not entirely clear on what that means. Will it not run within Audiobus as an AUv3? Is it only meant to reside in DAWs on the iPad?


  • I think they meant dropping support for Audiobus in its Audiobus 2 form. I think Audiobus 3 and the Turnado change to AUv3 happened at roughly the same time.
    Turnado functions perfectly well in Audiobus 3 as an AUv3 and it does so without losing any of it’s qualities- it’s all there- pads, Dictator, editing, user settings and all the rest of it.

  • It works fine in Audiobus or any other AUv3 host as an AUv3

  • Thanks much for the info! Awesome.

  • I’m using turnado all the time on every beat on the master of BM3 as a AUv3. I love turnado!

  • 100 times yes!

  • Speaking of Turnado is there a way to automatically take a sanpshot on Dictator of the current fx state?

  • Wouldn’t that be good. Not possible at the moment though.

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