Bias FX 2.0 9er

Supposed to be released today I believe. Not sure if it's a PC first or ipad? I never purchased anything for Bias Amp 2 when it came out. Still have the original with the few amp IAP I had.

I may purchase Bias FX 2, or IAP's, depending on what it's all about. But, I gotta say. I'm quite content with how my tone is ATM with Bias FX and Bias AMP. Anyone going to take the bait?


  • Looks interesting, but I'll wait to hear some demos.

    I upgraded BIAS Amp during the Black Friday sales, and bought the Celestion IR packs and I thought the IRs were the best thing about the update, a definite improvement in sound. However lately I've been using the Amplitube with the updated Fender collection and at the moment I prefer it to BIAS Amp v2 - Amplitube is less grainy sounding IMO. However bear in mind my tone is warm and clean generally, not heavily distorted, so YMMV.

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    hmmm...I might want to check out Amplitudes Fender collection. I didn't really care for the sounds I got out of amplitude, but, ya I tend to go more high gain, metal, distortion. Looks like it's going to be released on PC first from what I can tell, the two things that interest me, besides the tone quality improvements they mention are:

    Hyper-realistic Guitar Match
    Positive Grid’s newly developed, exclusive Guitar Match and emulation technology virtually turns your guitar into another with startling realism.

    Smart Recorder/Looper
    Preserves Fleeting Ideas Before They’re Lost
    Quickly record ideas for riffs, vamps and songs with a simple click when inspiration strikes, using BIAS FX 2’s built-in recorder. Then loop your recording while you play it back through BIAS FX 2’s foot pedals, amps and rack FX, fine-tuning the perfect custom preset to use with your new song idea. You’ll never lose that perfectly played riff—simply export it as a wav file for import into a new track in your DAW. With BIAS FX 2, song ideas recorded in the looper can be used as the foundation for a new multitrack recording__

    I like having a simple recorder like they have in JamUp to record a quick riff......

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