Samplr/Strom/Reslice -like and midi control


I'm looking for an app like Samplr/Strom/Reslice that would:

  • be integrated in a audiobus/IAA/AUv3 framework
  • record from the input of my audio usb interface
  • record on the press on an external midi footswitch
  • would be sync via link or the IAA host clock
  • would slice my recorded sample, and play a single slice via midi cc or note

Neather of the reference apps (Samplr/Strom/Reslice) are able to do so if I'm not mistaken.

Any suggestion?



  • ReSlice as IAA has record via "midi pedal" which I am not sure what it does versus the midi learn mode.
    The midi bindings are poor and can't adjust sample parameters (pitch,volume,reverse etc...)
    On AU mode it's even worst since you can't do any sampling and the available parameters are only for the fx section.
    Still AU mode is useful for rompler mode, load presets from IAA mode and play them.

    But I think it's the closest app you can get

  • This is more of a question than answer...

    But, with a few extra button presses here and there, couldn’t this be done with BM3?

  • @ttk Are you wanting to do this live, on the fly or just for writing purposes. Big different. @CracklePot BM3 is a great tool for recording and slicing up audio. The only thing is, not sure it can record via midi keyboard, it can record via threshold though.

  • You got my point @gmslayton,
    I want to record on the fly for a live performance, while my iPad screen would display another app that I am using.

    Therefore, I have to control the record and play actions via midi, without accessing the app graphic interface.

  • ttkttk
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    Wait, what do you mean by "ReSlice as IAA has record via "midi pedal" ?

  • @ttk said:

    Wait, what do you mean by "ReSlice as IAA has record via "midi pedal" ?

    Never tried it

  • Oh, I must have an old version... Thanks!

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