Is $225 us dollars a good deal for an akai mpd226 and a novation circuit?

I have the opportunity to buy both from a guy locally and thought I might be interested

So the question is..

What’s your opinions on the mpd226 as far as using it with iOS or controlling external midi synths??

Also I’ve never used a circuit but they look interesting as well..


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    225 what?

    Looking at sold items on eBay £225 would be at the cheaper end depends on condition and what’s included.

  • 225 is dollars for both. Lightly used and all the power supplies included

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    Novation Circuit has had some pretty good firmware updates. Just make sure it's the type of thing you WANT to use - with the pads/sequencer. I tried one and decided it wasn't for me - but someone else I know absolutely loves it.

  • I have the MPD226 - it's great for finger drumming. I don't use it for sequencing though, just for drums and grooves.

  • Which apps do you find work best with it? Also have you tried playing any synths with the mpd226?

  • I paid 225USD for my circuit a couple years ago. It was open box and on a sale day. Getting a pad controller with it for that price isn’t bad.

    As far as the Circuit, it is a very useful groove box. I’m not big into techno, edm, etc and the Circuit works out great for me. It works for those I just mentioned from what I hear. The last update (last week) they added “unquantized” sequencing at 24ppq compared to step sequence only. Also per note velocity. In other words, you can do a hack job sequencing things like piano now!! Before it wasn’t remotely good for that.

    Disclaimer, no pitch bend, mod wheel, after touch, or sustain pedal!! The drum channel doesn’t sequence external gear well.

  • Yes. I tracked Circuit prices on craigslist for a long time. They usually go for around $200-$250 by themselves.

  • Ya. This is worth it.

  • Definitely a good price. Some people ask that from circuit alone

  • @stuck80s said:
    Which apps do you find work best with it? Also have you tried playing any synths with the mpd226?

    I've never used mine for controlling synths - just drums, in apps like DrumPerfect Pro, iSpark, NS2, Gadget and Auria.

    One nice thing about the MPD226 is that you can configure everything on the device itself, and it can be bus powered by the iPad.

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