One For @RS2000/ BeatHawk Classic Guitar

@rs2000 was introducing me to Lee Ritenour and Marcus Miller. We both were marveling at the effect of restrained playing. I thought I would give restrained guitarism a shot. I half succeeded. My Marcus Miller.... well, he seems to be a genius.

The BeatHawk inapp Baroque classical guitar has been my favorite acoustic since @Musikman4Christ mentioned it last spring. Can not recommend it more! EPS NeoSoulKeys and I funkedup slightly my usual sedate acoustic bass in honor of Marcus,

Thanks RS2000!


  • What can I say - It's on! πŸ˜ƒπŸΎπŸ₯‚

  • Wow, that BH Classical Guitar sample is so good. NeoSoulKeys sounds great too, I just don't like playing it. The grit takes me out of my headspace for some reason. I've only played a real Rhodes 2-3 time in my life and the analog amp made it a joy to sit in front of with that huge speaker cabinet pointing back at you.

    Lee Ritenour was local hero for me since we are only a couple years apart in age and he was a shooting star in the LA Musical landscape becoming a guitar players must see at the age of 20. He still treats the instrument as a work in progress and practices seriously.

    I saw him play live last year and he one of those player/writers that just inspire you to want to improve your skills. The keyboard player was Dave Grusin (another musical hero from the LA Recording scene). Probably the best live concert I have ever paid for since we were close enough to be in the band. I could read the text on Lee's pedal board rig. Melvin Davis on bass and Lee's son Wesley playing drums.

    It helps me appreciate what you're (spell check didn't catch my initial use of "your", I had to fix it manually. Weird) doing when I have a frame of reference for the improvisations. Without that I search for patterns and repetitions in the notes and tend to get frustrated by never making any valid predictions for what's next.

  • Oh might have to pick that pack up next there is a sale on.

  • @McD see the structured unstructured thread you inspired.
    @rs2000, thanks for listening. You can mangle it if you like.
    @Jumpercollins, I have the iFretless guitar but have not delved into it. Maybe something better there, but BeatHawk is hard to beat (hawk).

  • Just found this old thread. Interesting to discuss Ritenour & Miller - while they are both superb instrumentalists I wouldn't think to mention them in the same sentence as I don't usually associate one with the other....

    I was blessed to be able to study for awhile with a couple "famous" bassists and they both made sure instill in my fragile eggshell mind that


    and more importantly


    I think every single musician, no matter what your musical style or instrument, should take these things to heart in all facets of their music making - performance, composition, production, etc.

    Anyway, that's my $0.02 on a month-old conversation. Nothing to see here....

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