10.5" Pro vs TWO 9.7" iPads ?

For months now I've been fine tuning my "perfect" AB3 session for live playing which will include drums, keys, synths, and several effects. I'm starting to admit my 9.7" 2018 iPad just can't handle what I really want.

I'm considering just getting a second one, but I'm tempted to go for the 10.5" which has double the RAM. Does this really mean I will be able to run the same number of instances of Model D (as an example) as I could have on two 9.7" iPads? (2 x 2 gb RAM should equal the 4 on the 10.5" iPad, right?)

Price-wise, it's better to go for the second iPad instead of the Pro model. But if that only gets me one extra instances of Model D and then I'm on the verge of overloading my CPU, then it's probably a bust.

What would be really helpful for me, I think, is if anyone who has upgraded from the 2018 9.7" iPad to the 10.5" Pro model could share with me how much better it really is, performance-wise.

I'm pretty set on my buffer sizes and am aware of all the best practices of rebooting, etc my device, so hope we can avoid bringing this up so it doesn't distract from the main issue.



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    If anyone is curious, my set up is along the lines of:

    Patterning 2, iElectribe > Replicant, Turnado, Perforator, FAC Chorus, FAC Maxima > Loopy > AUM (as a fileplayer and recorder)

    Rosetta Basslines > iSEM > Loopy > AUM

    Korg Module, Model D, Mono/Poly > 6144 EQ, Perforator, FAC Chorus > Loopy > AUM

    The apps that seem most taxing to my CPU are Loopy and Model D, but I need both! Trying to keep the % appx. < 60% for real-time improv/playing.

  • It depends if you're recording out to an interface or recording locally.

    I prefer having separate iPads because I can maximize screen space. For example, using one iPad for synths and one from drums with separate midi controllers and keeping them in sync with Ableton Link.

    Also, iPad Pros are 3x in price to single 2018 iPad. Plus there might be a decent spec bump this month if Apple intros new regular iPads.

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    I scored a barely used 256gig 10.5 with Pencil on Craigslist for 850$ the other day and the base 2018 model at 128gig with pencil would be 750$ here. Needless to say I am hellzyah happy happy joy joy right now. The 10.5 is a bloody amazing difference. I am now going in and finishing off my old BM3 tracks that were just a little too bloated for that final fx/mixing/automation stage that they needed.

    That being said two iPads may very well be the ticket for you.

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