DJANGO / John Lewis Meets Ennio Morricone

More MJQ than The Good Bad and the Ugly, but you’ll see what I mean. Thanks to @scadet for heading me back to GeoShred, but I am no shredder. Just utilize the presets. Maybe one day.

Kawai Shigeru patch. Two tracks of GS, wonderful iSymphonic Grand Opera chorus and 2 tracks SynthScaper le. Micrologue hard saw bass works great with an undifferentiated midi track. I wish there was a good iOS harmonica out there. Would have been perfect for this.


  • This is wonderful. BTW, I think I remember Thumbjam’s harmonica sounding good, to me anyway.

  • Thanks @scadet. I will try the TJ harmonica!

  • I was inspired to dig into this tune. Without getting up I was able to find a few interpretations to better understand the material using my iTunes subscription. Some of the John Lewis versions sound like an easy Bach piano piece - no modern jazz chords just a spare logical chord progression and repetitions of a melodic fragment adjusted for the next chord and then this lovely long 2 octave descending scale with 2 notes per measure (some interpreters turned this run into a 3/4 section).

    After gaining a better understanding of the source material I re-listened to the @LinearLineman's treatment and could follow the structure in this version and the amazing variety of harmonic substitutions going on. You have such a grasp of the possibilities of using a medic fragment to inspire your creations. (Wow... spell checker just changed your to you're, I had to manually fix it. Weird).

    You should share this one with those piano nazi's on at the Piano World forum stand ready to hear that you took too many liberties with a classic.

    OT: I was watching a Guitar Lesson with Joe Satriani and he mention how a few lessons with Lennie Tristano impacted his approach to playing: (1) turn off the subjunctive mind that listens and immediate regrets a decision made and (2) "can you play a note without that vibrato and not have it sound terrible?" which taught Joe to use vibrato less often for a greater impact. Make vibrato a choice and not a reflex.

    I spent a good portion of the day using this tune for my guitar practice since I'm learning to play the guitar from written music and this melody was a lot of fun to dig into "connecting the notes" and remembering to alway play musically and aim for the best tone production your hands get get from the instrument.I started mastering it in position #1 and then searched the neck for the best sounding spot that used only the top 3 strings that are unwound on a spanish guitar.

    I think my guitar teacher will enjoy turning this into a duet at my next lesson. As you would expect iReal Pro has a chord chart of this tune since it's in the RealBooks.

    Thanks... keep these jazz interpretative classics coming in your future creative output.

  • FYI here’s the tune turned into a guitar etude for my lessons:

  • @McD, lessons? Lessons good! It is a beautiful line.

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