More of a technical achievement that an artistic one... :)

Hey all,

This is probably not going going to mean much to anyone but me, but I had to post it somewhere, and you guys seem harmless enough. :)

So for a while now I've been trying to come up with a workflow that allowed me to record my mindless wandering jam sessions, edit them, do some basic "mastering", wrap the music in some visualization (if it's not a video of me pounding on my stuff), and finally shovel it off to YouTube...

I've managed to do it before, but it's been aneurysm-inducing more often than not...

But I think I finally have path that seems to work more often than not

  • Record from my rig into AUM
  • Take recording from AUM into Audio Evolution to edit it into clips of stuff that suck less than the other stuff that I don't keep
  • Take those clips into Final Touch to "master" it
  • Take those clips into Staella to do some seizure-inducing visualizations that the kids dig these days
  • Upload all this work to You Tube so their compression algorithm can take a giant dump all over it. :) Seriously... I'd love to know how to get clean video up to YouTube... Other people seem to be able to handle it... It's the last piece to this puzzle!

Be gentle. :)

It's essentially few select clips from a 2.5 hour jam of my just kinda flicking through some presets on my Nord Drum 3P's.

These are all basically steam-of-conscieness jams on my Nords, with a little bit of TR8S thrown in.

Here's a pic of the rig (sans TR8S and also missing the Strymon Volante)


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