PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Anybody here with a Virus TI?

I recently picked one up, and just wondering if anybody here has one and connects any apps on their iPad to it, to play it, sequence it etc. If so which apps do you think make a great combination with the TI?


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    I've used the red predecessor (Pro Tools plugin) with TC-Data and it got the oldie to new heights, but the setup is quite demanding. Understanding TC isn't a thing of an hour, but rather a week. Yet it's cool because you can open the Virus manual, lookup the CC assignments and apply them to gestures.

    2 more instant options are Oscilab and Aphelian (same developement team).
    Oscilab goes the linear pattern sequencer way and you have to select the midi section of the voice (not synth or sampler).
    Same controller assignment as with TC, but easier to handle. You can enter notes and controller curves (up to 4 CC per track) in a graphic mode.

    Aphelian is similiar, but uses a planet/moon model to generate note and controller values.

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    I wrote the Quantum app to control external hardware like the Virus TI, but which sequencer you use depends on the music you want to play etc. Mine was Berlin school with focuses on lengthy improvisation

  • My Virus (C) Rack XL is connected via iConnectivity (iConnect audio 4+) to the iPad.
    Every tool which sends MIDI (note, CC) can steer towards (right word? - no native speaker) the Virus: Audiobus, Cubasis, Fugue, Thesis (!), Xequence, ChordFlow, Navichord, Autony, Quantum...

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