PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Connecting iPad Air 2 (latest iOS) to 2 HP MIDI modular problem solved

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Dear Audio bussers,

There seems to be a starting order in connecting hardware to the ipad.

I found the solution as follow:

1) Start up the modular with the USB cable attached
2) Start up the ipad, after being online stick the CCK in, but nothing attached!
3) Wait 10 seconds, Start up AUM (or any app of your liking; Patterning, etc.)
4) Plug in the USB cable to the CCK.

Voila the USB modular device (2HP MIDI) appears as fast as lightning.

Other start up procedures will make the hardwares not "recognize" each other.

This makes the 2HP Midi a powerful little device for about 115 euros.
I make it a 4 gates mode or monophonic but can't figure out how to get lets say a Rozeta
LFO happen. Never the less I can recommend this module.

It gives my system an accurate clock / BPM and I can sequence from the ipad, which is as you all know awesome!...

Just wanted to let you know ;P


  • I hadnt heard of the 2HP midi. Good to know it works with the iPad.
    So, if I understand, you can get gate to work but not cv?

  • No not that I’m aware of. But I didn’t tried hard either because 4 controllable gates is all I need. There are 4 modes with a list of what can be assigned in the manual. Don’t know what to choose.

  • @Richtowns said:
    So, if I understand, you can get gate to work but not cv?

    I got 1 channel to work with CV in monophonic mode, channel 6, CC1. After that I could set 1 LFO from Rozeta.
    Never the less I don't use it that way. In combination with AUM / Patterning it gives me control over sequence, BPM
    and clock overall. With 4 gates I can make MIDI sequences in any iOS DAW.

    I have MI Stages, 1 Rebach LFO / Envelope / Attenuator, LFOs on the Erebus v3, 2 NYX modulators and a bunch of envelopes so I'm covered in that (basic) area (for now ;D). Stages can do a lot.

    As I'm building a smal case 84 hp 6U I have to choose wisely my modules / function / space ratio.

  • That sounds a fun setup. I only have the o-coast and Im needing an extra mod source. I was looking at this but I just found out my Beatstep Pro will do midi to cv so Ive saved myself a few quid there.
    MI Stages looks interesting, Ill have to watch a YT tute. I was thinking my next module would be MN Maths but Im holding off until Ive got the last drop of goodness out of the raw o-coast. Having a blast too!

  • @Richtowns

    Divkid seals the deal for me if I need to buy something.

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