AB3 MIDI - stage ready - success

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I just had my first successful gig with Audiobus MIDI working perfectly. I have to say the MIDI implementation is solid, no problems at all. I had backing tracks set up from Loopy HD, levels and EQ mapped to my Akai MIDI controller. I had my songs saved as presets with a drum pad mapped as a button to advance songs.

I just wanted to post some positive feedback and say thanks to Michael for the constant improvements to Audiobus. The MIDI updates are phenomenal and working great :-)


  • Very cool! And agree that AB3 is simply the shizizzle for live gigging.

  • That's great news! Thanks for saying @Hmtx

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    Great, thanks for reporting back. I haven't yet taken the plunge but generally feel it is almost there. With 'almost' being almost an exaggeration ;)

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