Funkbox not installing correctly, new setup

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I'm trying to run FunkBox into Loopy HD through Audiobus. Brand new iPad 2, iOS 6.1, latest versions of all apps. Audiobus starts fine. "+" for input shows FunkBox and Loopy HD, selecting Funkbox just fine. Output selection for Loopy HD just fine. When I wake Loopy HD it fires up and then sends me back to Audiobus. When I launch FunkBox (with Loopy HD running) it crashes and sends me back to the home screen, and when I return to Audiobus Loopy HD is running but FunkBox is asleep. If I start FunkBox without Loopy HD invoked, it runs, but never returns to Audiobus. If I manually go to home and then return to Audiobus, Funkbox shows as still asleep, even though it is running.

Am I missing something... or is this a bug? Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!!



  • I've also deleted FunkBox, rebooted the iPad, and made sure that I was starting "fresh" as I try to figure out what's going wrong...

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    Oops... looks like I needed to update FunkBox to V 3.2, all works just fine now...

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