Korg Gadget 2 - Copying from one track to another

Sorry if this is obvious or the wrong place to post this.

I have a midi that was imported as two 16-bar tracks that I want merged within a single track/gadget. The first track has the first 8 bars, the 2nd track has the remaining 8 bars. I see the Function - Copy - Paste feature, but it overwrites all the content when pasting (and I lose the notes from track 1). I just want the notes merged. Is there a proper way to do this, writhing Korg Gadget 2? I would have thought copy and paste would not delete the content already in the track, or at least provide an option to merge or overwrite. Thanks.


  • wimwim
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    Sorry, I don’t think it can be done.
    However, you can copy the second 8 bar pattern into a new scene on the same track. Instead of one 16 bar scene you’ll just have two 8 bar scenes that play one after another.

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    I'd do it the way @wim suggested.
    Gadget is not made for importing those typical MIDI files you have - linear tracks with often an odd number of measures, often not starting at bar one but rather with an offset to give GM instruments some time to settle after the initial program changes.
    In most cases you'll need to pre-process (and maybe split) the MIDI file using other software (I prefer Audio Evolution) before import, and when importing, Gadget will only split long files into patterns of equal length.

  • Thank you. Moving the 8 bar pattern to a new scene may be an okay idea. I’m very new with this, so I was just messing around with midi to start. I could edit the midi, beforehand. I’ll look into Audio Evolution.

    Also, what is the deal with no undo button? This seems like a common sense addition.

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