My Third Level👋

Gadget 2 & GeoShred


  • wimwim
    edited March 2

    Whoah! Outstanding!!

    (I think I would mix the solo just a little bit lower though. There’s so much interesting accompaniment that is somewhat overwhelmed. Just a thought.)

  • Beauty soloing.

  • You make GeoShred sing. Great playing with a great App.

  • 🙏Hey, beautiful and kind words for me, from @wim, @LinearLineman, @McD!

    Thanks all of you. Yes you are right @wim, about ... the level ... a little bit lower! Thx for the suggestion! 👍 Next time I will try to do better.

    Greeting from Sicily (Italy). 😉👋

  • Ah, I forgot ... my performance ... on my iPhone 7 Plus and, of course, it would be a miracle if I could make another one...the same! 😉

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