PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Best stop motion app?

Stop Motion Studio just got an update and I have a little (and stupid) idea I might pursue, but stop motion itself takes ages, so if there's a better place to spend my time you know of I'd love to hear about it :) Thanks!


  • I've done some really basic stop-motion stuff with my kids, just for fun, but I never thought to look for an app, just used the regular phone camera and then imported into Photoshop on the desktop. I should check out Stop Motion Studio when I have some spare time (in the distant future probably).

    I would be curious to see the fruits of your efforts though. Is it for a music video or something else?

  • @richardyot I spent seven or eight weeks in Maine a few summers ago cleaning up the the house for sale and took a picture every day of a memorial maple tree (planted for my father-in-law) as it budded and bloomed. Unfortunately I didn't really know what the fuck I was doing and thus the source material doesn't measure up to the project/concept, BUT it turned me on to the idea of approaching stop motion from a fresh angle (somehow) :) ....but for now I am thinking of just four or five second one scene cartoons to try and master the app/approach etc. Essentially I am a very fast and sloppy worker and I am thinking this might be a constricting Zen exercise :)

  • Stop Motion Studio looks more than capable. IMotion is another stop motion app that’s got all the essentials to get started. Obviously stop motion is only going to look as good as the amount of effort and finesse that’s put in but these apps simplify the camera snapping process. If you have multiple devices you can use a secondary device as a remote trigger so that you don’t bump your camera (you want it as still as possible most of the time, maybe use a tripod or something similar). Use your device with the best camera resolution. If you only have one and are worrying about bumping it, you can use the volume buttons to take a plug in your Apple earphones as your remote trigger. I’d say feature wise Stop Motion Studio seems to offer more, you can even export 4K.

  • Haven’t used it in a while but istopmotiin was pretty cool, and they have a remote camera app, so you can use the iPad to Monitor and control all the feature while your iPhone captures everything and sends it back to the iPad.

  • @Keenan @Strizbiz Appreciate the feedbacxk and advice, Thanks guys.

  • using an iPhone as camera while monitoring on the iPad is a very good feature. Some time ago I used an app called iStopMotion for a short stop motion animation. It was the kids that have built a miniature village and landscape on the ground in the forest; fences and houses made with small sticks, leaves, nutshells, etc.
    So I looked at it and took some photos which resulted in rather convincing images, and in the evening I was checking the appstore for a stop motion app. The next day we tried and it worked well from the start. Besides, what I found remarkable was that I had to explain the app, the iPhone-iPad connection, the procedure of capturing frame by frame, only once. They immediately understood how it worked, and explained it to other children who joined the scene.

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