Newbie - how to switch between different apps using MIDI cintroller


Completely new to Audiobus here.

I want to run 4 different iOS synths at be able to switch between them on the fly by pressing a button on my MIDI controller (Korg Nanocontrol 2), and then use that same controller to change parameters for the active app.

Can Audiobus do this?

Or do I need a separate app (such as MIDIfire) to do this?




  • wimwim
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    AudioBus with the midi learn IAP can do this. In fact, it's the only app that can. The only challenge you may have is with midi channels. If you can change midi channels on the fly with the Nanocontrol 2 then you're good. If not it'll get more challenging.

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    Thanks for the reply. Can’t find where to get the IAP in the app.

    Where should it be?

    its ok- found it...had to turn my iPhone into landscape position!

  • Welcome to the forum.

    Really good questions for a self-proclaimed Newbie.

    And you figured out the answer to your IAP question.



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