Crackles on device sample rate change (AB3 bug?)

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iPhone 6S is first model switches between 44khz and 48khz when disconnecting / reconnecting headphones.

Now - i noticed that with many synths (i tried WaveShaper, KQ Dixie, Troublemaker, Viking Synth) - when i load those synths into AB3, and then i disconnect headphones and reconnect them back again - sound is broken (obviously sample rate issue).

Restarting just plugin doesn't help, it is still broken.

Only way to fix it is restarting AB3.

Note that this happens when AB3 uses standard default device HW out - in case i load into OUT slot AudioShare, this issue disappears.

When i run those synths as standalone, without AB, issue is not there, so looks like AB3 is not properly handling device hw sample rate changes.


  • Just looking into that the last couple days! Let me get back to you shortly

  • cool thanks ;)

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    Oh, forgot to respond to this: this should be fixed now in 3.3.1, @dendy. Let me know if you have further trouble.

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