Pops and Crackles running Gadget and Groovebox linked together?

Does anyone have any suggestions to explain this, and how to cure it, please?!

Recently whilst still on iOS11-something, I noticed the most horrendous pops and crackles suddenly started happening when running Gadget (1) and Groovebox together via Ableton Link. It quickly gets worse when you start opening up individual Gadgets to jam along with or swiping the screen over the tracks. This only started recently, and had never happened at any time in the past as this is how I have always worked without any trouble at all, running a Gadget sketch alongside a Groovebox sketch to audition potential things together. I have not changed any latency settings. Nothing is different to how I have always worked with these two apps linked together. It just seems to have started occurring recently.

I'm on an iPad Pro 256GB from 2016. I've just acquired the Gadget 2 update and also updated the iPad to the latest OS. I thought this might address the sudden mysterious issue, but it is still exactly the same.

At present, this simple combo of linked apps has mysteriously become totally impossible to work with, quickly ending in a nasty angry wash of pops and crackles.

I made a quick video to demonstrate this. If you have a moment and are able to check the link, the video will show how bad it is. Yeah, it's probably sideways and looks totally weird and shaky, but I'm not concerned with how it looks. The awful sound coming from my iPad is the thing to pay attention to (and I don't mean my music. Lol)

Any ideas and suggestions as to what is causing this would be much appreciated, as my favourite workflow has now come to a grinding halt.

Many thanks!


  • Sounds like a CPU problem, but as it hasn’t happened before might be the Gadget update. Have you tried deleted both apps backing up any projects before.

    Then do a hot full iPad reset, reinstall both apps and see if that clears the crackles.

  • Hey hey. Thanks for reply. The issue only started recently, and before the Gadget update, and before the iOS12 update. I’ve been working this way with those two apps linked without any issues for the past two years. I thought updating this evening to the current OS, and obtaining the Gadget 2 update today also, might cure this sudden weird issue. But no luck. I will start with a hard reset first. Cheers!

  • Interesting...a hard reset didn’t work, but, further experimentation reveals that the issue seems to be being caused by Groovebox.

    I’m getting absolutely no glitching and crackling when I replicate this setup with Blocs Wave. With Gadget and Blocs Wave linked and playing together, I can switch back and forth between the two apps, call up the gadgets and jam along with them, open and close Gadget menus, add more synths playing along in background mode, without any issues whatsoever.

    I close everything down and set up with just Gadget and Groovebox, and the awful issue is back again. Totally unusable. The sound gets totally destroyed and out of sync until nothing but continuous crackling and glitching remains, sounding like my iPad is about to explode.

    Gadget linked and running with Blocs Wave and multiples of anything else is not producing the issue at all. It’s all running smooth with everything else. It is definitely not a cpu issue, then.

    The conclusion must therefore surely be that there is something odd recently happened to Groovebox @AmpifyxNovation which is interfering with both Gadget 1 and Gadget 2. Even when the two are not linked via Ableton, the glitching still occurs when they’re both playing.

    This is a royal pain in the ass as I love Groovebox, it’s a real source of inspiration for me when running alongside the bare bones of a Gadget project and auditioning things between these two apps. The Gadget-Groovebox combo is the backbone of my workflow for track building. 😟🀷‍♂️

  • I see comments on many apps and set ups with crackles

    I had it on AudioShare today.

    Another app yesterday

    I think it is an iOS issue maybe

    too many people saying same thing

  • Thanks for the input.

    This is a real puzzle to me.

    Never had this issue with the Gadget-Groovebox combo in the past until just recently. Honestly, I can live with a few brief minor pops and crackles when switching between Gadget and Groovebox, as I’m not a live jammer or performer. But now it’s become so bad with this particular combo, one switch from Groovebox over to Gadget to open a synth track to audition a sound or melody, results in the complete meltdown of both apps into nothing but a continuous blast of increasing crackling and glitching, the music completely disappears as if it’s been bit crushed into oblivion!

    I’m not getting the same behaviour with a Blocs Wave-Gadget combo. I can switch endlessly back and forth between them smoothly and cleanly, open things up in Gadget for auditioning sounds and melodics over the top, all glitch and crackle free and no meltdowns, even with a number of other linked apps also running in the background.

    I can’t even run Groovebox and Gadget at the same time outside of Ableton Link. Both apps running at once completely destroy each other when switching from one to the other.

    Today’s hopeful decision to update to iOS12 and from Gadget 1 to Gadget 2 has not yielded any improvement to my Gadget-Groovebox issue. Neither has a hard reset. Neither has some extremely foul language.

    It does not make any sense to me that every other combo I’ve tried with Gadget, plus other things running at the same time linked and in background mode, and switching back and forth between them all, does not produce any meltdowns, not even a brief glitch.

    @AmpifyxNovation please can you investigate this and rectify if possible? Through a considered process of elimination this evening, it appears to me to be a recent and sudden incompatibility between only Groovebox and Gadget (both Gadget 1 and Gadget 2). Is it something about Gadget? Or something about Groovebox? This combo was my main daily workflow for inspiration and track building for about the past two years now, and it always ran without any issues. Without it, I’m pretty disheartened and stumped in my iOS music making adventure, as Groovebox has been a big help to me with my limited and amateur music making knowledge and abilities.

    If it’s an increasing issue with Apple’s iOS itself now, then, I’ve got a very neglected and dusty PS3 which was once loved every evening for many years until I happened upon an iPad and some music making apps and got sucked into this passionate, addictive and seductive affair. If I apologise enough, and buy it some new games, my PS3 might just welcome me back, everything will be back to normal as it once was, and the iPad can go screw with someone else.

    Toys satisfactorily thrown out of pram.

    Bah! 😩

  • this is why i rarely update my ipad lol ... i depend on Tonestack for my bass guitar amp at the moment and crackles through our PA system would completely ruin a show.

    also i've had crackling issues with Gadget quite a bit, no matter what version I'm using. Usually it happens when i have more than 10 tracks with automations running and other programs in the background all simultaneously running

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