• Awesome.

    I actually had no idea what that Lightpad was for, besides purty lights.

    Seems like the Seaboard Block would be easier to use. Do you have one of those as well?

    Anyway, great tune and great demo.

  • No I don’t have any other Roli stuff, prob wouldn’t recommend for iPad unless you are just using in Roli’s own apps. If you want to set lightpad to specific scales you have no choice but to hook up to computer which is nuts. There is a workaround by using pads mode on lightpad to control pads in Beatmaker3 and use the scale options in Beatmaker

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    I have a roli block m. It has great support in stagelight (native), BeatHawk and beatmaker 3. From the apps you can set the scale and play melodies on the block. The block has some default modes which you switch out by pushing a button on the side. This switches to various drum grids and a melodie grid. Stagelight has native support and has there own control surfaces which change based on the choosen track. I have been preaching about it in some other posts, can’t help it. It gave some new Mojo to making music on iOS and pc.

  • I might look at Stagelight. Can stagelight handle recording the full MPE midi data (ie multiple channels at once??) Most ios DAWs can’t

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    I have only tested the sampleverse instrument in stagelight. I currently don’t own synths on iOS which support mpe. Stagelight seems to handle it well enough.

    My main reason to buy the roli block, is to the have the smallest wireless midi controller. I later learned about mpe, but have not done much with it.

  • I'll second the awesome on that video. Really great composition and love the sounds you're getting.

    @CracklePot I tried the Seaboard Block but returned it and ended up getting a used Block M for 1/3rd the price and am much happier with it.

    The main problem I had was that although the Seaboard block worked really well within the Noise apps, it was much less responsive and useful in other contexts as a straight midi controller (not MPE). Being not a native keyboard player it felt limited in terms of utility, and I probably could have tweaked the midi to get the velocity/pitch/mod controls to feel good but wasn't interested in investing the time.

    The Block M however, I really like, and am considering getting another. Putting aside the major drawback that you are tied to a desktop computer to switch modes...

    The main MPE playing mode I feel is as responsive as the Seaboard provided you don't mind a grid instead of a keyboard layout. The other modes of interest are:

    • Up to 4x4 drum grid, that works well with BM3
    • A mode with 16 sliders/faders (4 per view, toggled by the mode button on the side), this complements AUM workflows really well
    • A 4 fader + 4 buttons mode
    • X/Y/Z Controller
  • Yeah the mode button is useful but limited. Would be good if it would just hold whatever scale you choose within ROLI app when you close it but it goes to default setting as soon as close the ROLI apps

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