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Korg Gadget 2 Released



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    In the top image, in the VCA block you can flip a switch to use the filter envelope as ADSR as well, same on the full Polysix app. I guess that’s how it worked back in the day 😀 just set it to EG

  • Seems like it doesn’t have a separate filter and amp envelope, both are controlled by the EG dependent on the position of the switch on the VCA section, kinda weird!

  • wimwim
    edited February 2019

    It’s not that people have no sympathy, but simply that commiserating with you won’t change the reality that there are limitations in the iOS music making world if you only have an iPhone. It’s just a fact, and market economics. But yeah, sure, I’m sure people understand how you feel.

    Now, this isn’t to try to make you feel better or to tell you that you shouldn’t feel shortchanged. It’s only to put a tiny bit of perspective on it by way of possible explanation.

    iMS-20 and iPolySix are iPad only apps. Neither has been significantly updated by Korg in years. Korg just doesn’t do that (except for a bit with Gadget). Once they release something, they’re done. You don’t own either of them because you don’t have an iPad. So, you have not lost anything. You would have to purchase them to get the new Gadgets.

    I can understand why you’re unhappy that you can’t purchase them. It probably also seems like all they would need to do is flip a switch and you’d be able to purchase the Gadgets. But there’s more to it than that. They would need to invest the time and money into re-working those two apps to work universally. This is mainly interface work, but is time consuming nonetheless, especially with Apple constantly messing with the screen sizes, notch, and other nonsense. Then they need to accept the overhead of maintaining the additional versions.

    As a business, I imagine they look at it purely as a return-on-investment calculation. Will the additional iPhone sales return enough revenue to cover the cost? Or, could those same resources be used to generate more revenue? They have figured the answer is “no”.

    The fly in the ointment is they have decided that it was worth it to do the UI work to make Gadget versions, which makes it seem like making the standalone apps universal would be easy. Apparently, it’s not. Or at least not worth it to them.

    Sorry, I understand that sucks for you, and do sympathize. But, you’ve made your choices and have to live with them. It’s not the people on this board that have no sympathy causing the issue, it’s just market economics.

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  • I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. It seems the preset sharing is one-way. New presets you save in the standalone will appear in Gadget, but presets you save in Gadget don’t appear in the standalone.

    Apparently the presets are saved in iPad > iMS-20 in the files app. However, the files are hidden. I saved two presets, and it shows a count of 2 items in the folder, but the files aren’t visible within the folder.

  • Same as original Polysix. VCA can be controlled by filter env or set to gate.

  • Assignable envelope. Other than that seems to just be gate on/off.

  • Seems like you should be able to use the patch bay to use EG1 rather than EG2? I dunno. I haven’t figured that bugger out.

  • IMS20 is a classic, with added drums and sequencer chucked in - it’s cheaper than I paid for it on release 7 (?) years ago so I’d say go for it.

    ipolysix sounds lovely to my ears, and great they’ve had an update.

    Depends on your budget and what you have already, but I’d buy them again, particularly now they have Gadget versions.

  • IPolysix only has one envelope just like the ol classic Juno-106.

    You can choose to use the vca in gate mode if needed.

  • I’ll probably ruffle a few feather here, but IMO, no. Neither is a standout synth to me. I’ve never found anything I can do with them that I can’t do easier or better with something else. Maybe it’s because I have no nostalgia for the hardware, not having owned it, or being much of an 80’s person.

    However, you and I seem to be opposite personalities on most everything, so probably you’d LOVE them! 😂

  • R_2R_2
    edited February 2019

    I appreciate the saturation and feedback reverb IFX.

    Durban’s got some nice fx too, feedback delay in particular. Hopefully this will be added as IFX in the future.

    I assume ODYSSEi will get updated to enable export of user presets to Lexington.

  • wimwim
    edited February 2019

    Big assumption there. Korg rarely revisits their apps once released. They did do some work on iMS-20 and iPolySix, but that was to get prepare them to be gadgets. That ship has already sailed with ODYSSEi. I’d love to be wrong of course.

  • My least expected favourite feature of the latest release is the new insert FX. The saturator is particularly well done (pun most definitely intended). Just the thing for warming up Pompei and Memphis.

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    I never found out how I could quantize a selection of notes.. Is that possible in Gadget v1? There is a quantize button but it only works when recording notes...

  • Select the notes, then move them. They’ll snap to the grid.

  • You can make phone calls on an iPhone? I thought it was just for Instagram.

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    I think it's quite likely that everybody will get the chance to upgrade to Gadget 2 for Mac for $49. Eventually.

    Korg regularly has big sales on all their stuff.

    I was planning to buy the PC plugins right away but I don't see the point as they haven't even released them all and there's no NKS yet (a big draw for me). I'm going to wait for a sale.

  • That doesn't work.... it moves the notes per step of the grid resolution... but keeps the notes' offset..

    I hope you understand what I mean..

  • Yeh, I get it. I don’t think there’s a way to do what you want other than note by note. I could be wrong...

  • so there is a search function now where you can search for songs but apparently you cant rename songs anymore (thats a bummer)

  • Thanks a lot for answering, but that seems not completely accurate (maybe my question wasn‘t precise enough). I noticed that the presets in Gadget are completely different from the standalone version, at least they have different names (and there seem to be more). And I have created a new custom preset in the standalone that does not appear in Gadget/Memphis. Weird. Oh, the preset system in the standalone is weird, too, to begin with...

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    That's strange... even if you try it one note at the time you still have the same offset, quantizing a note after recording is not possible..

  • To be fair, once you install the Gadgets, they stay installed even if you uninstall the main app. The main apps are not needed aside from the installation process so I don’t see any reason KORG couldn’t offer iM1, iMS-20, and iPolysix as optional in-app purchases.

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    Welp. Really loving the update cause of the MidiOut functionality.

    Its funny that I'm using Gadget to sequence Korg Electribe Wave...but it’s pretty cool. I’ve always liked the sequencer in Gadget.

    So far have it driving KEW and AUM and it’s really nice. Good Work Korg 🙏🏼💗

  • The drum jam pads are great, especially for a rhythm wally like myself.

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    Ok, after a bit of a play, sad to say heat and battery drain are still an issue on my Air 2.

    But....those new drum jam pads have given this a whole new lease of life for me...just what I was missing in my setup. Recife, Bilbao and Gladstone clattering away...with an arp’d Madrid Drill Bass (+ Enhancer ifx), and within a few minutes I’ve got a cracking backing track going.

    Welcome back Gadget. Surly and grumpy as ever, but I guess that’s what you have to expect from a shit hot rhythm section.

  • Welcome back Gadget. Surly and grumpy as ever, but I guess that’s what you have to expect from a shit hot rhythm section.

    Sentence of the day; the thread has been won.

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