USB Midi connection issue

Hello fellow audiobussers, 

I have a funny issue with iPad Air 2 latest iOS and midi gear. As well with my MPK 225 MIDI controller and my newest addition on the euro rack case; HP 2 MIDI.

When I try to connect the iPad doesn't recognise the USB MIDI stuff in AUM or e.g. patterning only if I hook up a few times with the CCK (without power, the first one), put a powered USB hub in between and disconnect between the CCK and the out of the USB hub. 

In the end the iPad suddenly pops up the 2 HP and midi controller in the MIDI matrix in AUM.

after that I can disconnect and connect the stuff with a time pause as much as I like untill I reboot the iPad for example.

The question is why is this happening? The stuff hooks up to reason 7 without a question on my MBP. 

I've read your need to connect the CCK first to your USB device BEFORE stick it up the iPad but it seems to be another issue and this is very frustrating.

Do I need the CCK with power instead?I


  • Yes

    or just a new CCK

    They do go bad sometimes.

    I have had them go in 9 months and had some last me years.

    Could be a wire issue altogether.

  • @RUST( i )K

    the wire problem I ruled out because the 2HP and the akai MPK 225 hook up perfectly without any question to my reason 7 on my MBP medio 2010 (!)

    the strange thing is once the iPad starts to recognize the Midi hardwares they keep on hooking up without any hassle even after breaking the connection for let’s say a half an hour.

    it seems an initial problem with the order how to connect the stuff. So first put the CCK on the midi cable of the machine, then plug it in the iPad last, instead of first. Power up the iPad first of the machines?

    but I can’t get the sequence right so it is 5 min of (un)plugging my stuff, reboot this/that, connect it first to a powered cheap hub, etc.

    and like automagically the 2HP appears in all my apps...

  • So... nobody knows the right connection order? If there is any?

  • Here. Found this on the Google.

    To maximize the likelihood of a successful connection with an audio or MIDI device, you need to...

    1. Connect the USB cable to your Audio or MIDI device first.
    2. Next, connect the other end of the USB cable to the iPad Camera Connection Kit adapter.
    3. Last, connect the Camera Connection Kit adapter (with the USB cable already attached) to the 30-pin port on the bottom of your iPad.
    4. Wait 10 seconds. The iPhone or iPad will take a few moments to fully recognize a connected device.

    If you still get the error above, or if the class compliant device does not function within 10 seconds of connection, the device likely requires more power than the iPhone or iPad can supply.

    The error they refer to is the ‘not enough power’ error, but the bit about it possibly taking a few moments to recognize the devices seems relevant.

  • Thanks matey, I’ve read that too. Will try out when I come home Saturday from work.

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