Preset sharing tips, etc.

Ok, explain it like I’m five. 😄

I’m slowly making a bank of presets (WaveMapper) that I’d eventually like to share. Which leads to the question... What are you preferred ways of doing so. I’m new to Dropbox, but was considering using that as well as the excellent built in preset sharing by email that PPG has in their apps. Other options besides those? Any difference or advantage?

I was mainly thinking about the nuts and bolts of the sharing process. But ideas and preferences about presets (either free or purchased) in general would be interesting too. I would assume most would like a large variety in a given bank, that included standard sounds and some more experimental patches. And presets that make use of velocity, mod wheel, aftertouch, etc. And hopefully won’t blow out your speakers and ears when you press a key. But that that’s just a general assumption... you tell me! 😊


  • Dropbox link sharing seems to be the most widely used method around here.

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    Another question... concerning some desktop VSTs and the sampling thereof, certain synth companies are rather strict about using samples/resamples of their software when sharing or selling patches. Not talking about copying sample libraries, of course! Just a snippet of a synth patch, or something similar. Anything relevant for iOS apps? Or is it like... if you do it, just don’t mention any names and there won’t be any problems? 🧐 (Was wondering about adding samples to a WaveMapper bank).

    👍Thanks! Makes sense. Most appreciated.

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