Tutorial: Effectrix + Ableton Link + Audiobus3

I was struggling with this for awhile but managed to get it working with some noodling and reviewing of a couple of old posts. Thought I'd post in the Tips and Tricks section.

Insert Effectrix into your Audiobus3 audio lane as an effect.

In Audiobus3, enable Ableton Link and Inter-App Audio Sync.

In Effectrix, turn off Midi Trigger on the front interface. Go into settings and turn OFF Ableton Link. Unless you are using an external controller to manipulate Effectrix, you can switch off all MIDI connections.

As a reminder, if you are using Ableton Link in your set, make sure that MIDI input and output between your iPad and Ableton and Sync disabled. The two will not play nice together. This applies to any external hardware as well.

The start/stop feature of Link, and the tempo, should now work and the Effectrix sequencer will run. Unlike previous posts, it doesn’t matter if you use the start/stop within Ableton or Audiobus.

At this point, the Inter-App Audio from Audiobus is handling everything. The only issue seems to be that on-the-fly tempo changes are not recognized within Effectrix. However, once you stop playback and set the tempo to something else, Effectrix will recognize the new tempo AFTER you start playback again. The bpm indicator won’t change until playback begins.

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