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Electro Rock w/ Modstep, Ruismakers, Icegear, IK Multimedia

New video featuring Modstep, Ruismaker Noir and FM, Uno Synth, Lorentz and Laplace. Mixed/mastered and guitars, vocals recorded in Reaper.

I want to thank many people on the forum for your posts that pointed us in the right directions. This is my first full recording built on iOS apps. I would have had more trial and error without this forum and of course the developers that made these great products.

Longer explanation below.

We were a three piece rock band but when our drummer moved last summer, we decided to try an electronic setup. We initially looked at Ableton, but thought a laptop was overkill for just wanting electric drums, bass, and a few samples, especially since I'd be multi-tasking.

Since then we’ve gotten a live set put together with the apps above.

We decided we should record one of them. Some venues want video demos around here and, we didn’t have one of our new incarnation.

We thought it would be fun to make it ‘How It’s Made’-esque - especially fun for our very folk, rock, jazz (i.e. non-electro sounds) friends to see. And I wanted to do a shout-out to some of the innovative developers exploring this space.




You see the whole Modstep sequencing to finish here through the Reaper mixing, but just the iOS part is so exciting to me. Much of the sequencing and sound making, I did on the subway. And with the simple board you see with an iPad, usb hub, Uno Synth, and Akai keyboard we can have drum, bass, and synths I can play and tweak on the fly in many ways. Only had a couple performances so far like this but it is a heck of a lot of noise to make with such small number of humans on stage. :) And no drums to carry.

Not in the video (I just forgot, it runs in background)... Virsyn - AudioLayer. We use that to take drum samples from the desktop. Using BFD drums made a ‘SFD’ drums for Virsyn with about 6 layers; simply copy the midi over to the desktop and can mix drums individually with all the velocities.


  • Just great. You guys have a great sound!

  • That was really great. Also nice to see good ole' Modstep in action there! Thanks!

  • Great track and video!

    Nicely done!🎢 😊 πŸ‘

  • Thanks for the positive feedback. I was nervous to post it of course because it is really my first electronic-based recording. Used lots of synths and some edrums in the past, but always over acoustic drums and bass, which I am way more familiar with.

    I still see a big learning curve, conceptually. Technically, I'm getting the sounds I want, but conceptually, I'm still too much thinking like 'what would a real drummer and bass player do?' and then approximating it.

    But I'm getting mentally more free about is so fun. We'd have been way more behind without this forum.

  • Good work on the drum programming and nice music. Have you ever heard of toontrack superior drummer.

    i currently use it to write and record a album it in a band with no drummer. The nice part is there is a large library of midi beats and fills. It take away much of the what would a real drummer do because the beats are played by a real drummer. Find the beat you like and drag and drop.

    You can also buy extra library in many musical style. It also has a large library of kit samples to pick.It is not for iOS but a must have I think for drummer less band.

  • Ah thanks. Ya superior drummer is great. I use BFD but similar.

    Re reading what I wrote above, I wasn’t clear. I can play a real drum kit decently, just not while playing and singing.


    The learning curve I am struggled with is trying to think outside of what a real drummer would do. The whole electronic drum machine space is quite new to me.

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