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Other than “get a Mac”, does anyone have some advice on arranging a decent setup for a Windows 10 based studio? Even a good workaround idea?

I use Cubase with a Windows 10 PC. I have a Tascam 16 channel audio interface and do a decent amount of live tracking with my band. Usually 5-6 inputs at once. This has all worked very well for years.

Now I just got an iConnectAudio4+ audio interface for its unique ability to truly work iOS into my desktop studio (for using iOS effects as processors, direct input of live tracks from iOS to Cubase, and more).

The problem is that you can only use 1 audio interface at a time with Windows. You can switch between them easily at any time, but you just can’t use both at the same exact time (I have heard of ASIO4ALL but I think it would limit the iconnectaudio’s special iOS drivers). I need more inputs at once than the iconnectaudio can handle, so I still need my larger Tascam audio interface.

Has anyone else found a way to live track multiple live instruments while still incorporating an iPad real time for either effects processing or as an additional live instrument??

Guessing running the audio of the Tascam interface into the iconnectaudio in series is a terrible idea for latency and sound quality?

I know this is a very specific question but I figure if no one here can do it then it can’t be done 😎


  • Studiomux! 🙂

  • It's painful / doesn't always work, but Asio4All supports enabling multiple interfaces similar to aggregrate interfaces on OSX.

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    AudioHub(Novation )

    BEHRINGER mixer 12 channel

    audio and midi help

  • If the Win-10/Tascam combo is a solid live-recorder I'd leave it just as is. Avoid messing with a working Windoze ...

    Using the iCA4+ with only analog io (2 stereo busses) isn't too bad, I'm using it that way with Pro Tools TDM and a Creamware Scope system. These two work without Asio (or any other software protocol), so latency is barely noticeable. In your case you'd get the Tascam's Asio input + output latency on top of the iCA's.

    Since using the iCA4+ in 'native mode' isn't latency free either, it doesn't matter if you deal with (say) compensating 6ms or 22ms (or whatever the real figure may be)

  • Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. I was hoping the iCA4+ would be the missing link from iOS to windows. It kind of is...but not very easily if you would also like to rock out with the band apparently. I’m going to try the crazy latency offset, then software, then god forbid more hardware lol.

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    I don’t know enough about windows anymore...and how it aggregates devices...if I remember right it doesn’t support this function well.

  • iDAM has made my life easier.....jussayin.

  • The “get a Mac” option isn’t as bad as you’d think. I got a Mac Mini 2012 for a very low cost off eBay here in the USA. Cheaper than any iPad I’ve ever had. Sure I did happen to have a spare monitor and a friend with an old apple mouse/keyboard, so it was cheaper. I still haven’t tried IDAM, the iConnectAudio4+, or barely even garageband with it yet though as I’ve pretty much just been doing iOS the last few years.

  • LOL

    You told him get a Mac.

    I at least took the "Idam" approach....LOL

    Air Drop and iDam are worth thier weight in go

  • Haha I appreciate the advice I didn’t want to hear nonetheless. Problem is I just spent a good paycheck on this new dedicated Win10 machine, upgraded it’s SSD, RAM, and backup HD. I’m in deep, too late now. Unless...would there be some setup idea involving the cheapest possible Mac to take advantage of iDAM but use the Win10 machine still as the primary? This is no doubt becoming a rabbit hole haha.

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    No rabbit hole. I have been using a system almost identical to yours for about three years now, i even had a Tascam interface until a couple of years ago, and regularly record on several audio tracks & the iPad simultaneously into Ableton Live . The iPad digitally through the lightening cable via Studimux, audio via the interface. Everything can be clocked in sync & it works really well. Win 10 is a really good os for audio production these days, & Studiomux works flawlessly once it's set up properly ...............

  • Thanks for the encouragement @Iso

    I will really look into the studiomux option before anything else. I may have a few questions for you if you don’t mind :)

  • Happy to help. Ask away! 🙂

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    Studiomux is so iffy, that’s what I used at first in order to have audio interface to iPad, then iPad to pc, it literally worked amazing, ONE time.... never got it to connect again after hours of trying.
    I have same problem though in a way, I wish I could plug my interface into my iPad and pc at same time, also in the boat of having to swap... considering piggybacking 2 audiofuse together, another 500 bucks to have everything integrated with everything else lol, I don’t know a cheaper way without sacrificing quality, and you better believe you will absolutely have serious latency if you use a cheap interface. It’ll still work, but monitoring digital effects in real time unfortunately requires more cash for less ms round trip.

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