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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

YouCompose non AB - Midi composing tool
I'm having a lot of fun with bit of music AI.
Supports Midi out for each of the four tracks,
Write a melody, it generates three harmonizing parts. Use a keyboard or a grid midi editor. Set the harmony rules and points.
Export midi and PDF scores.

I recorded the 4 midi parts to Cubasis easily.


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    Thanks! Looks interesting.

    Edit: Damn, another app without direct support, facebook way of life.

  • The dev did respond to a Facebook question. How do I turn-off the internal sounds? Mute button in next update.

  • This works really well and is vey intuitive. It does generate some nice harmonies and exports all tracks separately. Tried with Music Studio and Cubasis. Nice to hear that internal sounds mute is coming up as that is quite annoying.

  • Are there any demos of what kind of output it produces?

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    Here' s a quickie SampleTank glitches and all come on IK fix it AUFX PeakQ, Space, AB, Cubasis
    Four part choir using some ST vocals YouCompose made the sequencing the easy part

  • here is another demo video... I made for my students...

  • Hmmm, looks pretty cool!

  • Thanks for the demos - very helpful.

  • Ok for harmonising, I guess, and I may get it for speeding up workflow in that area and for the score output facility, but it's such a shame it doesn't do counterpoint as well, as block harmony writing is only a small part of composition in the classical style.

    Can you write two or three parts yourself and get it to fill in the remainder? E.g. Write a melody and bass line and have the app complete the other two parts?

  • @PaulB said:

    Can you write two or three parts yourself and get it to fill in the remainder? E.g. Write a melody and bass line and have the app complete the other two parts?

    Yes you can

  • That's more hopeful, so bass and melody could have contrasting, contrapuntal lines, and the app will come up with something sensible?

  • I'm liking the app so far, still some to learn I'm sure. The midi capability is nice, so any of these compositions can be played through your midi app of choice and recorded directly into Audiobus. So that's cool. Mobile technology is amazing. I remember when it was cool if your phone had a calculator!

  • It is very amazing how easy it is to create a piece with this app. The Chiefs Revenge was created during the playoff game today. Recorded the midi into Cubasis and bounced the tracks. Being able to sync start/stop with midi would be convenient.

  • YouCompose now has an update that allows you to turn the sound off on each part. So now basically as long as you set all midi channels properly, all 4 parts of the composition can be a different synth app. I personally already liked this app.... Now we can expect some great new "switched on Bach" type albums. (As often, I'm joking...)

  • I'll be demoing this in a couple of days, been playing with it today, fantastic with the new update, had SampleTank doing choir, Galileo, doing Organ, Sunrizer doing some strings and iSem doing bass. All running beautifully. I'll run through all the midi set up too in the video. And Shawn is spot on it does sound like Walter/Wendy Carlos and Switched On Bach :-)

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    Im guessing this app could give you quite the unique touch if you're into doing covers as well.

  • It has a very strict quantize, three choices and I could not for the life of me get it record exactly the way I wanted it to, however once I had sussed it out, it really did sound great, one more thing and this may be me, but it would not let me record two of my own parts in the same section, no problem what part I play but if I try and record new data live on another part it records it to a new section, the only way I could do it was to edit the midi once it had generated the other three parts.

    Has anyone tried StudioLab yet, its free so I grabbed the other day but haven't tried it yet. looks very interesting

  • I had a quick play with StudioLab free but it confused me. Not that it takes much to confuse me.

  • Its interface looks like the midi version of Samplr :D

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