DM1 consistently crashing (new Audiobus 3 user)

Hi, I just upgraded from Audiobus version 2 to 3, and every time I try to start DM1 from within Audiobus now it crashes within three seconds and displays "Restart" at the top. I rebooted my iPad Pro without any change in behavior. Can anyone advise me on how to proceed? Thank you!


  • This is slightly strange- at first I thought it may be to do with the OS - I’m running 12.0 at the moment- and it’s working fine for me with Turnado in the effect slot (I’m assuming you have the a later OS?). But then on looking at the App Store - it has only recently been updated for Audiobus bugs. Try deleting DM1 then reinstalling it. Then try launching DM1 before you open Audiobus. Otherwise contacting the dev would be the way to go I think.

  • Are you using the iPhone version?

    There iPad version seems fine, for me at least.

    I noticed the iPhone version doesn’t mention the same Audiobus update in the version history as the iPad version.

    If you are using the iPad version, then I suggest trying to reinstall DM1. Back up any DM1 user data before you do it, if it is important stuff.

  • Thank you, robosardine and CracklePot. I went nuclear, reinstalling both DM1 and Audiobus 3 as you suggested, then upgrading from iOS 12.1.3 to 12.1.4. Things are now working, provided that I launch DM1 first. I appreciate your help!

  • Yes DM1 crashes in a lot of things IME. Deleted, glad I paid a buck or two on a sale.

  • If you want stable experience you’d do worse than getting patterning. Very stable as IAA goes and has a lot of free kits in the cloud. Also the sequencer is far superior to dm1. I know it might not be the answer you’re looking for but here it is. ;)

  • For me, the big draw of DM1 is definitely the kits, followed by the ridiculously low price. But yeah, it does feel a bit clunky sometimes.

    I actually don’t get crashes when I do use it, but I also don’t rely on it as my main drum app, so I rarely push it too hard.

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