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Caustic 3 content packs for iOS

edited January 2014 in Market Place

Happy 2014, everyone!

For those of you hooked on Caustic, like me, Jason Blann has released a series of content packs for iOS. There's lots to love here. Check out the free demo pack for a taste:



  • Thanks for this, Caustic gets better still.

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    Sweet. Purchased the essentials pack. The free demo pack had a lot of great presets, so definitely seems like a steal at only 2 bucks or whatever it was, for over 500 presets plus kits & samples. Gonna check out the others later.


    Only getting the synth presets to show up in Caustic. It says 0 samples and 0 songs on the import screen. And I can't find any samples , kits or songs while browsing all the folders in caustic (iPad), using the Beatbox, PCMSynth and "load song". Anyone know what might be wrong? On the purchased file I'm using "open in" -> Caustic, then import inside Caustic, which is the correct way according to the instructions.

  • Same here. Presets only for the Essentials Pack (although none for BeatBox), and no samples, templates, or demos. I've emailed Jason about this and I'll let you know what I find out. No issues with the other packs, as far as I can tell (I grabbed 'em all!).

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    Thanks @tentillum. Yea I'll grab 'em all too, just wanna see what's up with Caustic not importing everything first. Either he just forgot to add the files to archive or, more likely, there's something with the iOS version of Caustic and the import (I'm gonna try importing the file on the windows version when I can).

    Hopefully @Caustic_Rej might chime in if he might know of any issues here on the iOS version.

    Anyway, this expands Caustic quite a lot with new (quality) presets for all machines. So if you're using Caustic, this is fantastic value for the money. Even the free demo is quite generous with 180 presets or so. :)

  • I tried downloading the demo pack on my iPad but nothing happened at all. No download

  • Never mind, I had to use Safari and then it worked. I got the open in option then.

  • edited January 2014

    Wow, there pretty good! Gonna have to do the packs now!

  • Hey guys, I can't speak for Jason, but I think most of his stuff is presets so I don't think it's a bug that there are no songs or samples.

    The preset format for PCMSynth and BeatBox wraps any WAV samples used inside it so there's no need to include individual sample files. Samples are typically only distributed when they can be used for other things, like Vocoder or for creating your own presets from scratch, or for packs created for older versions of Caustic that didn't wrap samples into presets.

    And yeah, you have to use Safari browser or Apple's Mail client to get the "Open In.." option for causticpacks, that's just a limitation of iOS.

    There's quite a vibrant 3rd-party content pack community already built up over the years on Android, I'll try to post a round-up on my website soon but I know Jason's converted all his packs for iOS and I believe Zvon has also done his.

    You can see what's available to Android users by looking here: content pack&c=apps

    There's an "Contact the developer" link in there so you can pester them to take your money. (and contact me if they need help setting up .causticpacks for your convenience)

    Unfortunately with iOS and sandboxing they can't just publish content "apps" like on Android, but you should be able to purchase directly from them like you did with Jason if they're set up for it.

  • edited January 2014


    Hm.. Probably something wrong with the archive on the server then perhaps. I did just purchase the PocketKitPro (really good sounds in there btw), and that imports all the presets for the PCM synth, the preset-kits for the beatbox and all the samples (wav) for making your own stuff.

    The info for the Essentials pack btw:

    "This pack contains 500+ presets for all 10 Synth Machines, plus a batch of Samples for BeatBox and PCMSynth to create your own sounds and drumkits, as well as a few Song Templates to maximise your potential for your tracks, including a Synth and FX demo to hear a batch of presets run thru Insert and Master FX chains in different ways."

    Personally I'm happy with all the new presets! But I'm sure he wants the info and the archive content to be correct regarding the samples and songs/templates on the purchase/store page.

  • Dropbox should work for content developers to make stuff available for iDevices, complete with 'Open In'.

  • Hi guys, I just was linked to this forum and thread. PayPal seems to be acting goofy today, and for a few of you not directing you to your download page after purchase. Please email me, so I can get that fixed for you promptly.
    If you have mistakenly "double-purchased" a pack, let me know, so I can refund you the overpayment ASAP.

    You can bug me any time with questions or problems etc.... I am frequently hanging out at the SCS Forums at as well.

    Glad to be aboard!

  • Do you think DropBox servers would be easier for content downloads to your devices than straight from my server?

  • I have just issued refunds for overpayments for those of you who have contacted me of duplicate payments you made while trying to get to the download page.
    If I have missed anybody, please contact me, so I can get this corrected for you ASAP.
    I'm on PayPal right now, checking into this right now.

  • edited January 2014

    My paypal transactions worked without any problems (at least on my side, and the cash was withdrawn from my account). It's only the above issue with the samples and songs in the Essential pack we're having. And Dropbox isn't necessarily a better solution by the way (unless their servers have faster download speeds perhaps)

    This is what I'm doing step by step after getting the C3Essentials.causticpack into Caustics inbox folder.

    I press "import", browse to the C3essentials pack, I press "load" so the import dialog pop ups. It shows 492 presets, 0 Songs, 0 Samples, 1 Other. I press "import" and it imports those 492 presets. But no samples, templates or songs. Not sure what the "other" is though.

    But as I said, I am happy with all the new (great) presets, a bargain at that price!

  • I am updating the demo songs and samples content for C3Essentials SuperPack right now, will be updated on my site in a bit, and I will link the bonus goodies to those who have already purchased the pack via email as well, soon.
    Thanks for your patience.

  • edited January 2014

    Not saying it'd be better than a dedicated server, but not everyone has one of those. Just suggesting a possibility.

  • @EIPStudioOhio Great, thanks! No rush with the email on my part tho, so many really great presets in that essentials pack.

    Gotta say they cover a lot of ground, useful bread & butter stuff to more various genre specific stuff, and experimental/fx type of sounds (both musical and ...weird) :)

  • Yeah, and I'm just warming up.... Once all these holidays are officially out of the way, I'm going to be hitting it hard with alot of new things, ideas, tricks, tips, and videos and SoundCloud material....

    Update: C3Essentials is officially updated with a few demo songs and song templates as well as a big batch of samples to get you started to create your own presets or add on to existing ones.... Builderz Style.

  • Awesomesauce. Thanks, Jason! Looking forward to what you have in store.

  • edited January 2014

    Sounds awesome. :)

    I have a feeling the Caustic app will be taking up a few gigs this time next year, between my own stuff and all the great content available and what's coming.

    I wish Apple would implement some better solution when it comes to iCloud backup. Right now it's all or nothing. And turning it off means no backups for your songs, unless there's an email or upload project to Dropbox kinda solution in Caustic already. The FTP can grab files, but that requires another computer. Apple, pretty pls implement a files/folders per app basis choices for iCloud solution. :)

  • I downloaded the essentials pack prior to your update, how do I go about getting those goodies?

  • Nice work by the way. Caustic was already one of the best downloads for some time now and well this is the icing on that proverbial cake!

  • edited January 2014

    @ Tritonman2 email me, I'll send you the updated pack link....
    @Flo26..... PayPal didn't send you to the DL page? (I just tested it, it works on my end...) hmmmm email me, and I'll link you right away...

  • I also downloaded the old pack. I'll email you the paypal receipt.

  • Guys, receipts not necessary... just email me, I trust you.... I'll get you fixed up :)

  • edited January 2014

    Sent already :) I forwarded to your gmail email paypal provided me with.

  • @EIPStudiosOhio Thanks, got your email. The updated pack added the song and templates as well as a samples folder with a bunch of really nice pads and atmospheric/fx sounds for the PCMsynth! :)

  • These packs are a feast!
    The soundwares and customer service from EIPStudios are outstanding.
    I'm feeling lucky that Caustic, the Caustic community, and vendors like EIPStudios opened up Caustic to ios

  • remember Rej with SingleCellSoftware created Caustic 3, I'm just a Caustic Warrior who loves, supports, promotes, and makes quality goodies for it... :)

  • edited January 2014


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