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Controller Keyboard for AUM ?

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a controller keyboard that has dedicated buttons or a screen or something that can switch between MIDI channels.

I'd like to use AUM for some live stuff and need something that will allow me to switch between any of 16 midi channels mid song easily (i.e not by using an encoder. )

Even if it was just a switch between 2 channels that would do , but more would be better .

I guess the other option is using solo buttons in AUM , but the idea seems a bit fiddly , can't fit enough channels on the screen etc .




  • If you're looking for a small keyboard, Arturia's Minilab MK2 can do that. You need to press the Shift button and the appropriate key on the keyboard (midi channels are marked above the keys).

  • Hey @branis thanks for the reply , need a full size really , 4 octaves or more , also not sure how shift + key might work while mid song , sounds like it could be an option though if there are other keyboards that do this . Dedicated buttons of some sort would be much preferable tho !



  • there arent dedicated AUM controllers. mapping is pretty easy though.

  • Looks like the larger Arturia keyboards do this too, so definitely an option :)

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