[FS] U-he Repro (Prophet / Pro-One) - $75

edited February 18 in Market Place

I purchased the recent U-he bundle, and am selling my previous license to Repro. My price matches the sale price, for those who may have missed it. It's an amazing synth, and well worth the $149 regular price. $75 PayPal friends and family, or you pay the fees. License transfer wil be handled by U-he, and I hear they are very quick to respond. This is a desktop Au/VST, not for iOS.


"To complete a transfer, all we need is the new owner’s full name and email address. If they already are an existing u-he customer, please send us the name and email address for their u-he account. You can use the form on our support page to begin the process."


  • I own it as well. Just wanted to chime in and say this is a generous price and worth every penny. Get it if you can.

  • Also chiming in as a u-he fan and owner of Repro. It's probably one of the most analog-sounding VSTs there is. A really impressive and lovely instrument.

  • Just got the U-he bundle myself, amazing stuff!

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